Systems & Solutions, Inc. (S&S) provides clients with a full range of network protection, HIPAA compliance services, and Cyber Risk Insurance services using (1) state-of-the-art software tools, and (2) our HIPAA compliance expertise. 

This combination ensures S&S clients are (A) extensively protected from data breaches, (B) compliant with Cyber Risk Insurance regulations, and (C) all HIPAA regulations.


SIMBUS360 is a complete privacy and security management software product that’s designed to quickly – and affordably – meet the compliance needs of small-to-large Covered Entities and Business Associates.

Network Detective:

Network Detective performs automated assessments to uncover and document network assets, problems, and security risks. 

Cyber Hawk:

Cyber Hawk scans a network, detects security threats, and alerts various stakeholders providing a “double-check” to ensure anti-virus and patching are working correctly.

Audit Guru and Compliance Manager:

Automated scheduling of scans and reporting. A “role-based” solution with e-mail notifications to responsible individuals to complete assigned tasks/reports.

Audit Guru for Cyber Insurance (AGCI):

Cyber Insurance aids in the recovery of business losses, lawsuits, and extortion expenses.

AGCI helps with the initial “Policy Readiness” process and privacy notification assessment by providing:

  • Tailored management plan
  • Automated workflow engine
  • Ongoing checks of Due Care measures
  • Automated evidence archiving
  • Detailed reporting process

AGCI was built with input from the following insurance carriers:

  • AIG                     – Beazley              – Travelers
  • Axis                    – Chubb                – XL Group
  • BCS                     – CAN

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S&S Network Assessment

To identify any breach risks, S&S Engineers initiate a battery of analytical tests (from the Primary Domain Controller) to establish a baseline.  S&S prepares a comprehensive report using the collected data and presents recommended corrective action.

On-going Data Breach Threat Detection

S&S offers ongoing network monitoring 24 x 7 x 365 to identify anomalous activity, suspicious changes, and threats caused by misconfigurations. If any security threats are detected, alerts are sent simultaneously to the client (and S&S) support staff for resolution. 

Automated Compliance Reporting

S&S provides guidance to clients to ensure all collected network data is properly formatted for potential HIPAA audits.

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