Systems & Solutions Hosted Package

Systems & Solutions Offers M-Files with McAfee

A simple, secure cloud-based document management system meeting all regulatory requirements

Manage your organization’s documents without investing in server setup and maintenance – and make it easier than ever to access files anywhere, even from mobile devices.

With Systems & Solutions (Sands) Hosted Package, you won’t waste time searching for a document, recreating information or using the wrong version. Instead, you can just tag your documents and save them in your vault – and they’ll automatically be saved in the cloud and made available to anyone with access, anywhere they are.

Plus, the Sands Hosted Package is the first professional document management solution running on the Windows Azure platform, so you can take advantage of Microsoft’s highly scalable and reliable cloud-based platform and geographically distributed data centers to rapidly deploy solutions.


Top Features and Benefits

Combining M-Files’ intuitive, easy-to-learn Windows interface with cloud-based storage, M-Files Cloud Vault is the best way to manage your documents in the cloud. Find out how to get the Sands Hosted Package today to get these great features for your business:

  • Organize your documents and information with metadata or tags
  • Find any document instantly – never waste time searching through folders
  • Protect and secure your documents by using M-Files and McAfee (included in the Sands Hosting package)
  • It’s easy – if you know Windows, you know M-Files
  • Deploy on Windows Azure without large up front costs
  • Scan and save directly to the cloud from any scanner or application, including email

Automatic Version History

M-Files tracks version history every time a document is changed and maintains each version along with an auditable trail of changes from the time a document is created to its final released version. This is critical for regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical/life sciences, manufacturing and finance industries. Instantly retrieve any version to see what was changed, or roll back to an older version if you choose. No matter how large a file is, only the changes between versions are saved, so storage space is used efficiently and vault searches remain fast.

Supports all applications and file types

M-Files Cloud Vault looks and acts like a standard hard drive, so it supports literally every Windows application. Simply use the standard Save and Open commands to save to and open from the vault. Every file type is supported, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Emails, CAD files, QuickBooks files, images and pictures and more.

Fast search – find any file instantly

Office workers can spend up to 50 percent or more of their time searching for documents. One of the most important benefits of M-Files Cloud Vault is that you never waste time looking for files again. Once you store a document in the vault and tag it, just type in that tag – or any word in the entire document – and M-Files finds the document instantly.


Traditional enterprise content management and document management systems are expensive, complicated products that require major changes in business processes and extensive IT services and support. M-Files changes this paradigm by providing a powerful yet easy-to-use solution that helps businesses organize, manage and track documents and information.


  • Prevent simultaneous changes with check-in and check-out functionality
  • Automatic version history: restore previous versions or compare changes with previous versions
  • Change log and audit trail: always be able to see who has made edits and changes
  • Manage document processes easily with work flows and assignments


  • Find documents, related customers and projects easily and within seconds
  • Quick search: find files based on their data classification, metadata attributes and content
  • Publish certain documents specifically to customers and partners
  • Advanced data reporting and analysis capabilities


  • Electronic document archive: compatible with all desktop scanners and all-in-one printers
  • Text recognition in scanning
  • Archive files in PDF/A-1b format for efficient long-term preservation of electronic documents


  • Seamless integration into Windows
  • Support for all file formats (Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, etc.)
  • Direct integration with all modern CRM and ERP systems and other database systems
  • Full integration with all Microsoft Office applications
  • Import e-mail messages from your email server


  • Control data visibility; hide and protect sensitive documents while maintaining a single storage location
  • Simple and configurable permission settings reduce the risk of human error
  • Windows Active Directory authentication
  • Encrypted connections and encrypted data storage (both locally and online)
  • Automated backups of all data


  • Familiar Windows user interface: “Open” and “Save” functions
  • Web access and mobile document management capabilities
  • View, create, edit, and store documents in offline mode, with automatic synchronization once reconnected


M-Files is built from the ground up with metadata in mind, the central concept that it is easier to describe “what” something is rather than guess “where” it is stored. This metadata-driven approach is comprehensive, from navigation (or browsing and search), to access permissions, workflow and replication.


Metadata-driven navigation solves an intractable shortcoming of traditional folder-based approaches that are limited to allowing a file to exist in only one location, or having copies of the file (or links to the file) reside in other folders. In M-Files, unique information shows up dynamically wherever and whenever it is needed without duplication, thereby eliminating a host of traditional ECM and workflow issues.


Replication is metadata-driven in M-Files, enabling some data to be replicated to other remote document vaults based on its metadata. For instance, certain documents might be replicated to a cloud-based vault for publishing or archiving, or only certain data might be replicated from a main corporate vault to a subsidiary vault, while all data from the subsidiary vault is replicated to the main corporate vault. Archiving content in M-Files is also based on metadata, so instead of simply archiving certain folders to an external storage location, users can create dynamic archiving rules to control what documents and information is archived, such as archiving only documents that are classified as receipts that are more than three years old.


Unlike traditional ECM systems, which are more restrictive and make use of antiquated security models based on folders, permissions controlled the M-Files way means that a document’s final access control settings are derived from its metadata – and it is done so in a highly dynamic way, with changes to the metadata driving changes in document permissions – instantly and automatically. This one-of-a-kind architecture provides a revolutionary way for M-Files customers to manage access to confidential content.


Leveraging the metadata-driven workflow capabilities of M-Files to improve business process efficiencies eliminates bottlenecks, maintains consistency and quality in documentation, and assures employees do not accidentally skip a step in important procedures. Work flows can be instituted for approval of contracts, circulation of purchase invoices, processing job applications and for a myriad of other use cases that require the review, edit, and/or approval by several entities.

Workflow Improves Quality and Processes while Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Systems & Solutions Hosting Package offers M-Files and McAfee with an easy and practical solution that helps manufacturing organizations and related businesses fulfill the documentation requirements associated with quality regulations and standards. Standards and regulations, such as ISO 9001, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP Annex 11, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, set certain requirements for document management that can be easily met with the Sands Hosted Package. With the versatile and powerful M-Files workflow features, routine company tasks can be automated and task assignments can be given to the right persons at the right time – with no programming required. Work flows within M-Files can be instituted for approval of contracts, circulation of purchase invoices, processing job applications and for myriad of other use cases that require the review, edit and/or approval by several entities. McAfee is used to ensure data protection and integrity on the workstations, while Microsoft Azure ensure data protection and integrity in the cloud.