Systems & Solutions, Inc. (S&S) provides our clients with a broad range of HIPAA compliance services, using (1) state-of-the-art software tools, and (2) our HIPAA compliance expertise.  This combination ensures S&S clients are (A) extensively protected from data breaches, and (B) clients are compliant with all HIPAA regulations.

S&S Assessment Implementation

S&S Engineers use software tools to complete the following tasks:

1. Assessment for each location.
An S&S engineer visits each location, interviews the staff, takes pictures and runs the appropriate assessment tools to collect the required data. The tools can be run from the client’s PC. It will connect to the primary Domain Controller (for networks) and perform scans on local computers, servers, and all networked devices as required. This data is collected into an encrypted set of files that are used later for analysis and report generation.

2. Prepare the Client Report.
The assessment data collected by the engineer is analyzed and processed to prepare a custom report for the client. The report will cover all objects identified during the assessment, detailing their current HIPAA compliance status.

3. Review the Report with the Client.
S&S staff will send a copy of the report to the customer contact and schedule a review.

4. Scheduled Report Review
S&S staff will review the report with the customer, explaining the items identified requiring remediation. S&S staff will provide recommendations for the remediation steps to complete the HIPAA Assessment process.

Ongoing Data Breach Threat Detection

S&S has additional tools that can installed on the customer’s network to provide additional services. These tools combine machine learning and intelligent tagging to identify anomalous activity, suspicious changes, and threats caused by misconfigurations.  S&S installs these tools to monitor the client’s network on an ongoing basis, 24x7x365.  The client’s network is automatically scanned, and if any security threats are detected, alerts are simultaneously sent to the client (and S&S) support staff for resolution, providing a “double-check” to ensure anti-virus and patching are working. 

Automated Compliance Reporting

HIPAA Compliance Manager is a “turn-key” compliance server that (i) automates the production of mandatory compliance reports, (ii) provides ongoing remediation documentation, and (iii) manages the manual collection of required information from key stakeholders.  Collection and analysis of much of the needed data are automated to provide clients with dynamic, customized worksheets. This additional tool is available through S&S.

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