HIPAA Compliance Manager is a “turn-key” compliance server that (i) automates the production of mandatory compliance reports, (ii) provides ongoing remediation documentation, and (iii) manages the manual collection of required information from key stakeholders.

Collection and analysis of much of the needed data are automated to provide clients with dynamic, customized worksheets.

Compliance Manager is composed of:

  • Standardized Internal Assessment Methodology
    • Repeatable and non-arbitrary
  • Automated Scans
    • Augments Data from Automated Re-scans – on a periodic schedule.
  • Role-based Assignments
    • Divides workload into three (3) primary roles: (i) Internal Auditor, (ii) Technician, and (iii) Site Admin.
  • Online Forms and Worksheets
  • Task Notifications
    • Stakeholders who are assigned tasks are automatically notified by email.
  • Auditor Checklists
    • Summary compliance documents, with cross-references to other related documents.
  • Evidence of Compliance
    • Consolidates evidence into one document to back up the Auditor Checklists with real data.

Collaborative and easy to use:

  1. The Site Manager creates the site object, where we create roles and assign tasks. 
    1. New users receive email invitations.
  2. The HIPAA Compliance Manager receives “To-Do” notifications and completes tasks.
  3. The Internal Auditor receives “To-Do” notifications and completes tasks.
    1. Performs automated network scans and completes compliance worksheets

Compliance Manager performs external vulnerability scans to determine any network weaknesses that a third party may attempt to exploit.

Compliance Manager performs report archiving.  Current and historical assessments and worksheets are stored to demonstrate current and ongoing compliance.

In-Product Guidance for Users:

In-product guidance, written by compliance experts, helps answer compliance-related questions.

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