P R O D U C T   S U M M A R Y

M-Files Software is a new breed of content management, intuitively managing information by “what” it is vs. “where” it’s stored.  M-Files has many of the features included in comparable content management systems, while providing a look and feel similar to Windows Explorer so training and support are minimized. The product includes a web client, Windows-thick client and mobile client available on Google Play Store. Workflow and basic process automation are included in the product. The platform is available on-premises or as a hybrid or private cloud. M-Files is closely aligned to the Microsoft ecosystem: Azure hosts the cloud product.

Easy to Use

M-Files eliminates information silos and provides immediate access to the right content from any core business system or device.

System Neutral

M‑Files’ open architecture supports connectors to other systems and repositories, including network file shares, email, file sharing services, CRM, ERP, legacy ECM systems and more. Information can be accessed and managed in place without disturbing other systems and processes.

Workflow and Document Processing

M-Files’ automated workflows streamline common business processes so organizations can stay productive and compliant.  It’s simple, quick, and built into M-Files.

Add-On Modules

There are several add-on modules for additional features; below are the most common:

  • OCR (full-text searching is included)
  • SQL exports (for reporting)
  • Intelligent Information Management (for connecting to other content systems)

M-Files OCR

By converting scanned image files and paper documents into searchable PDFs, content can be more effectively managed, searched for, and utilized by all authorized M-Files users in the organization.  M-Files OCR automatically classifies and tags converted documents with metadata based on their content, such as customer name, invoice amount, order number, due date, project, etc.

M-Files OCR also recognizes barcodes (1D, PDF417, and QR codes).

Intelligent Information Management

M-Files leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to automate, simplify, and assist the user with how they interact with information – particularly how metadata is generated and applied – so information is correctly and intuitively classified and organized.


M-Files automatically manages the access permissions of documents and data, based on the attributes of the content and roles of users.

Live Expert Support

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