S&S Simbus360is a complete privacy and security management software product that’s designed to quickly and affordably meet the compliance needs of the smallest Covered Entity or Business Associate to the largest Healthcare or Insurance organization.

Security and Privacy Management

S&S Simbus360’s Unified Security Management has simplified the way organizations detect and respond to today’s ever-evolving threat landscape. Our unique and award-winning approach combines our all-in-one platform, Unified Security Management, with the power of Open Threat Exchange, making effective and affordable threat detection attainable for resource-constrained IT teams.

Policies and Procedures

S&S Simbus360 comes with a full set of policies and procedures that can be customized to your facility. Edit each policy and procedure and save and attest to build a history.

Complete Risk Management

S&S Simbus360 comes with a library of fully automated risk assessments and evaluations.  Generate instant assessment reports with findings, recommendations, and an automated corrective action plan and mitigation section.

Vendor Management

S&S Simbus360’s Tracker feature provides tools for Covered Entities which contract with Business Associate vendors (BAs). This powerful tool enables oversight of BAs and consolidates all necessary compliance verification information and associated records into one simple-to-use platform.

Training and Awareness + Employee Oversight

S&S Simbus360 also provides a comprehensive collection of privacy and training courses. Users can take courses, conduct tests, and get certified. Results are sent to the System Administrator for review.

Audit and Breach Management

Easily manage audits and breaches through the S&S Simbus360 Dashboard.  Set up an audit or breach, assign tasks, store documents, and manage mitigation.

Live Expert Support

S&S award-winning Technical Support is a phone call away for clients.

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